Safety and Risk Assessment for Horses

The horse bolted...

Might this cost you your business or would you be able to prove it was a genuine accident?

Sarah Houstoun

Equestrian Safety Consultant

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Good for pointing out obvious things we see daily but no longer notice.S. Diggle

Mobberly Riding School

I recommend SARA4H; it is realistic and workable.James Broome

The David Broome Centre

Since 2004, Sarah Houstoun has been helping  equine businesses across the UK to survive and thrive by meeting the increasing demands from insurers and regulators through her Safety And Risk Assessment for Horses (or SARA4H) approach.

More recently, she has worked with riding schools under threat from developments such as wind farm investments, new roads, quarrying and other projects, working on expert reports to submit to the decision makers in planning departments.

Simple, practical approach

Sarah’s approach is simple and practical – an objective observer, with a lifetime’s experience of riding schools and similar businesses, Sarah looks at what you do, how you do it and your safety equipment and procedures. Using her considerable expertise, Sarah summarises how external threats and new developments might affect your equine business.

Sarah can provide you with anything from a succinct report with recommendations for what you could do differently to improve your health and safety through to a detailed expert report to help you protect your business.

"What I do is specifically aimed at helping equestrian business operators to identify and reduce the risks for everyone on and near their premises.

I can help you to prove your business is operating within the law and meeting all the latest Health and Safety requirements and I can help you fight your corner in a planning dispute."

Sarah’s expert report was thorough, concise and accurate. We are happy to recommend her services to others facing the same stressful fight against wind turbines being sited in close proximity to equestrian routes. Lucy Clarke

Dingstopple Farm, Pembrokeshire