Safety and Risk Assessment for Horses

Fire Safety

Fire safety is often a top priority with local regulators and with the public. Our Fire and Emergency Information Box was developed with Fire and Rescue experts and it does the key job of centralising important information for your local Emergency Services.

The box is not just invaluable if the worst happens, it is also designed to be a constant reminder to riders and other visitors of the importance of fire safety.

  • Information – The Fire and Emergency Information Box contains details of people and animals present and where they should be evacuated to, as well as any lurking dangers such as weak bridges, farm pits, electricity wires, combustibles and chemicals.
  • Guidance – The box comes supplied with a folder, showing completed examples of the paperwork and details that Emergency Services need to reduce the dangers and aid recovery.
  • Access – The box comes with two keys and, at their request, we can supply your local Fire and Rescue Services with Master Keys – Hampshire Fire and Rescue Services already have Master Keys for all their emergency vehicles.

fireboxThe Fire and Emergency Information Box is leading the way in reducing the risks for those dealing with a crisis situation and enabling them to minimise further damage. It is solidly built and lockable and best placed at the entrance to your premises.

We were featured in a fire safety feature by Horse & Hound.

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