Safety and Risk Assessment for Horses


Current UK law places general duties on both employers and the self-employed and also seeks to protect anyone else who may be affected by work activity such as visitors and members of the general public. The duties to ensure that adequate provision is made for health and safety are qualified by the words “so far as is reasonably practicable.”
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All businesses need to reduce costs and improve efficiency and anyone involved in horses and riding also wants to share their enthusiasm with tomorrow’s riders. Compromising on safety is not an option – not only could it have disastrous consequences but business owners need to be able to sleep at night. Cutting corners on safety increases the risks and will have a major effect on your business’s profitability and survival.

SARA4H – Safety And Risk Assessment for Horses – recognises your responsibilities and the pressure on your time.

  • Practical audit and advice – We advise you on how to turn a site or situation into one which complies with current regulations, through the use of safe practices put in place by simple and inexpensive methods – the emphasis is on simple, practical, pragmatic improvements and we know the equine world and understand your challenges.
  • Systems that work – We explain current legislation and the HSE requirements affecting your business – from tourism and attraction rules to fire safety regulations – we show you the systems you should use to ensure compliance.
  • Paperwork that does the job – We supply you with simple Risk Assessment Forms, with completed examples, as well as on-site training in your business environment to help you to carry out your own Risk Assessments.

The short, concise Risk Assessment summary at the end of our work gives you details of your “Areas of Quality”, “Areas for Immediate Attention” and “Areas for Consideration”. You’ll know your strengths, your weaknesses and the priorities for investment of your valuable time and money. The summary will help you to build on your business strengths by addressing any shortcomings.

You have thought of everything I had and more ... and it's workable.George Bowman


Increasingly, Sarah is being asked to create Expert Reports for equine businesses facing specific threats from local developments and infrastructure projects such as roads and wind farms. Her specialist knowledge means that she can pinpoint the key issues and priorities and give clients the ammunition that they need to fight their case.

I don’t necessarily make friends with the developers with this part of my work but it is an extension of my approach with SARA4H and I tend to go out on a limb for my clients – I am straightforward and passionate about horses, safety and riding.

Don’t forget that we can help you to tackle the small but crucial tasks like clear signage through our sister business,