Safety and Risk Assessment for Horses


Here is just a small selection of the comments we have received from those businesses we have helped.

I recommend SARA4H; it is realistic and workable.James Broome

The David Broome Centre

Good for pointing out obvious things we see daily but no longer notice.S. Diggle

Mobberly Riding School

Sarah's expert report was thorough, concise and accurate. We are happy to recommend her services to others facing the same stressful fight against wind turbines being sited in close proximity to equestrian routes.Lucy Clarke

Dingstopple Farm, Pembrokeshire.

Will happily recommend Safety and Risk Assessment for Horses.Jane Holderness-Roddam

West Kingston Stud

Preparation, information and handouts are excellent.Sandra Morrison BHSI

The Old Stableyard Livery

You have thought of everything I had and more ... and it's workable.George Bowman